Controversial writer Eduard Limonov for President

Russia’s Central Election Commission on Sunday denied Russian radical opposition leader and controversial writer Eduard Limonov participation in the presidential election next year.

The commission turned down the registration request from a group of voters in support of Limonov’s self-nomination as an independent presidential candidate because they failed to enclose a certified protocol from their meeting in Limonov’s support on the registration of their members, the central electoral authority said.

Limonov, the head of the unregistered Other Russia party, submitted to the Central Election Commission on Wednesday his formal request for registration as a candidate, as well as documents attesting that he was nominated by an action group of at least 500 people.

Limonov was required to amass two million signatures in support of his bid.

He said earlier this month that he would waive his French passport, as under Russian laws a person with dual citizenship is not entitled to run for president.

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