Communities in Fiji’s Western Division

Most communities in Fiji’s Western Division are cleaning up houses and shops as the weather in the island nation starts to improve.

Aisea Tuidraki, special administrator for the western tourist town of Nadi, told media on Wednesday the military will assist shopkeepers in cleaning up the main Nadi business area which is also the main tourism center in Fiji.

He said that if there is no change with the weather, the town will be ready to open for business by the end of the week.

The road through main Nadi town is still closed to traffic as the Public Works Department plans to get things repaired.

With many shop windows destroyed by floodwaters, police and the military will continue patrolling to contain looting by those who look for an opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

Nadi town still has no water and power remains out.

Some affected families are struggling to feed their children while others are forced to stay in their damaged homes as they have no other alternative.

Some families said they left the evacuation centers early as there is not enough food.

Meanwhile, emergency relief agencies are now working around the clock to provide supplies for more than 11,000 people in about 50 evacuation centers in the Western and Central Divisions.

The flooding has already been described as the worst ever and the devastation is massive.

The National Disaster Management Office (DISMAC) has set up a distribution and assessment team to ensure emergency supplies, director Pajiliai Dobui said.

However, some evacuation centers have no electricity and water supply and sanitation condition there also needs to be improved. Due to the number of infants at the centers, milk is also needed, Dobui added.

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