Climate Change Threat to Food Security

Given the reality of climate change which has become the biggest threat to food security, Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap has challenged the DA-attached Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) to develop better-engineered food crops that would withstand the devastating effects of this weather phenomenon.

Yap said that climate change is not a topic that one just talks about today, but a reality that is already being felt and is now prompting policy makers to realize that “it is not business as usual” for Philippine agriculture and fisheries.

He noted that climate change has, for instance, altered crop-planting patterns worldwide, imperiled food production targets of leading food producers like India, and made it impossible to produce sugar at a profit.

“At no other time, is agriculture as severely under threat and under attack than today because agriculture is all about land and agriculture is all about the weather. Agriculture (now) is facing a great boom (because o climate change,” he said.

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