Climate change effects

The World Bank on Thursday called for regional efforts on climate change effects noting that sudden weather changes that leads to adverse climate change are affecting almost all countries with the developing countries worst affected. “This trend calls for bilateral country negotiations to help come up with innovative ideas in managing climate change,” the World Bank’s Project Coordinator for Technology and Development Jonathan Coony told a regional climate change conference in Nairobi. Coony observed that developing countries are missing out in the global technology adaptation due to their outdated belief that innovation is driven by the industrialized countries. He called on developing countries to collaborate with other countries to be proactive in clean technology revolution. Coony announced the formation of climate innovation center in Kenya, saying other centers will be established in Ethiopia, South Africa, Morocco and India in the years to come. “Climate change has undermined the fight against poverty in the region,” a senior scientist at the National Council of Science and Technology (NCST) Dr. Zablon Owiti revealed. Owiti noted that the region faces formidable challenges that call for innovative approaches by scientists to save the people from more suffering. He called for several approaches to help transfer the technology to the people who have been on the losing end due to failure of their crop yields and livestock deaths. According to Permanent Secretary for Planning and Vision 2030 Edward Sambili Kenya is in the process of integrating climate change into all development plans and frameworks. “Our medium term plan for 2013-2015 is being developed with the inclusion of a model from the Millennium Institute of the U.S. that is to include risks of climate change across all the economies,” he said. He said that the action is being taken following studies that reveal that climate change threatens social and economic growth of the country. Sambili said that up to 3 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) could be lost annually to the effects of climate change if action is not taken urgently. Sambili challenged scientists attending the conference to identify and analyze existing innovations for climate change adaptation with an aim of scaling up the technologies.

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