Christmas will be bright in Cebu

Christmas will be bright in Cebu, energy officials assured Cebuanos as additional capacity will be available in the Visayas in time for the holidays.

Department of Energy (DOE) 7 Director Antonio Labios said the public need not worry about power disruptions spoiling their Christmas.

About 60-80 megawatts (MW) will be expected from the first unit of the Korean Power Corp. (Kepco) operating in Barangay Colon, Naga City, Cebu, he said.

The High Voltage Direct Current Line (HVDC) that connects Luzon and Leyte will also contribute an additional 115 MW, to help stabilize the power situation in the province.

But the bright power outlook for the Christmas holidays was dampened when the union of the Visayan Electric Co. (Veco), Metro Cebu’s largest power distributor, voted in favor of a strike.

Director Edmundo Mirasol Jr. of the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) 7, whose office supervised the strike vote Wednesday night, said a majority of 149 in the Visayan Electric Company’s (Veco) union opted to go on strike. Six voted against and one ballot was declared spoiled.

A union official said the strike may be held anytime after November 10, after the seven-day cooling off period.

Veco spokesperson Ethel Natera said the company will do its best to prevent service disruptions.

The strike threat cast some uncertainty on the distribution side of the power situation, in contrast to some good news on the generation and transmission side.

Director Mirasol said the issues in this dispute are complicated by the dismissal from service of union president Casmero Mahilum.

”But we appreciate the gesture to find a solution by agreeing to continue the discussion in the next scheduled conference,” Mirasol said. (PNA)

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