Christmas party, awarding for best lantern ends with one death

A Christmas party, awarding for best lantern ends with one death and two wounded

SAN JOSE de BUENAVISTA, Antique, Dec. 26 (PNA) – What could have been a merry and fun-filled occasion ended with one person dead and two others wounded.

The evening of Dec. 25, 2016, saw the community of young and old residents of Barangay San Pedro, in San Jose de Buenavista gathered to witness a Christmas party of the Sangguniang Barangay Council and the awarding of prizes to the best Christmas lanterns or lights. The night was also scheduled for the induction into office of the newly elected officers of the association of Persons with Disability (PWDs).

The San Pedro Barangay Council had also prepared prizes for the supposedly winners for a disco contest that evening.

Two of the Sangguniang Bayan members of the town, Cris Jan Banusing and Erech M. Alocilja, himself a resident of the barangay, were the guests of honor and speakers.

Just before the giving out of the awards to the winners, a commotion ensued and gunshots were heard. A policeman rendering duty in the Community and Police Assistance Center (COMPAC) in the said barangay allegedly shot 25-year old Larry Claud after the victim had stabbed one barangay tanod (or community police)with a foot-long knife. Wounded was San Pedro’s Chief Tanod Santi Gertos.

Ismael Claud, elder brother of slain Larry Claud was also wounded as he was seen grappling with another policeman, PO2 Michael Garachico. Garachico said the elder Claud was also armed with a knife.

Gertos and the elder Claud were confined in the Angel Salazar Jr. Memorial Hospital while the younger Claud was declared dead on arrival at the said hospital.

It was known that the Claud brothers had a disagreement with the Gertoses, thus when the latter spotted the other Gertos in the San Pedro covered gym, the past ignited a spark and thus the shooting and the stabbing incidents ensued.

Larry Claud had also this record of having stabbed to death one Jerol Militante Tambanillo last June 27, 2008 and was put to jail. He was released from prison through a bail and because the aggrieved family did not signify to pursue the case.

As of press time, both sides were still to be reached for comment. (PNA)

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