Christmas Holidays in South Korea

A two-day spell of cold weather has gripped the Christmas holidays in South Korea, freezing and bursting water pipes in the metropolitan area on Saturday.

The morning low fell to minus 14.3 degrees Celsius in Seoul; minus 16.2 C in Cheolwon, a city in Gangwon Province, 80 kilometers north of Seoul; and minus 19 C in Daegwallyeong, a mountain pass in the country’s northeastern region, according to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA).

Cold and strong winds have driven the wind chill temperature to stand at minus 21.7 C in Seoul and nearly minus 32 C in the northeastern mountainous regions, the KMA said.

A cold wave watch for the central part of the country and a cold wave alert for the southern part have been issued.

The weather agency blamed the cold snap on cold continental high pressure over northwestern South Korea.

The two-day cold spell caused water pipes to freeze and burst in the Seoul metropolitan area.

The southwestern part of the country saw snow, with the amount of snowfall reaching 12.5 centimeters in Gochang, a city 296 kilometers southwest of Seoul, and 7 centimeters in Mokpo, a port city, 410 kilometers southwest of South Korea’s capital.

The KMA predicted the daytime high to reach minus 8 C in Seoul, minus 11 C in Daegwallyeong and minus 1 C in Gwangju, a city 329 kilometers south of Seoul.

The weather agency said that the bitter cold that started on Christmas Eve is expected to continue into Sunday, forecasting the cold snap will ease from noon on Monday. (PNA/Yonhap)

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