Chinese Equestrian Team

A terminally ill horse had been put out of its misery, an Asian Games equestrian official said here on Wednesday.

Horse “Andrew Pete”, which belonged to the Chinese equestrian team, fell ill after it was shipped to Guangzhou on November 5.

It was diagnosed of “serious intestine disorders” which caused paralysis to its legs, said the official who asked not to be named.

The chief veterinarian for the Asian Games equestrian event decided to put the horse to death after consulting with the horse owner and the Chinese Equestrian Association, according to the official.

It wasn’t the first case of horse euthanasia in China. A seriously injured horse was put down during the 10th Chinese National Games in 2005 and two more were euthanased by intravenous injection during the Chinese Speed Horse Championships. In 2009, a Beijing horse was laid down at the National Games.

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