China Hackers Hit Gmail Email Service?

The relationship between China and Google Inc., a US-based search engine company, is not getting any better. Just this week, Google accused China of infiltrating or trying to compromise the security wall of Google’s Gmail email service, a free web-based email service used by millions around the world, including Chinese people.

Whether Google’s recent raw with the Chinese government has a legal basis or factual ground, the ramification of their conflict has a far-reaching effect, with Google’s interest in investing in China finally disappearing. Google is the only company in the world that refused to vow down to Chinese authorities over issues on censorship in the Internet. Here’s the news from BBC on the recent conflict between China and Google.

Google has blamed the Chinese government for problems accessing its e-mail service in the country.

Internet users have complained that the authorities have stepped up disruption of its Gmail service in recent weeks.

Google said it had found no technical issues, and blamed “a government blockage carefully designed to look like the problem is with Gmail”.

Users say the interference coincided with an internet campaign calling for protests like those in the Middle East.

Last year, Google said it suffered cyber-attacks from China-based organisations intent on hacking into the .

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