Chemical attack victims in Syria’s Aleppo

The death toll of the chemical attack victims in Syria’s northern province of Aleppo rose to 25, the state-TV said Tuesday.

The TV also placed the number of wounded people at 130, adding that 11 of them are in grave condition.

Earlier in the day, the Syrian government said a rocket with a chemical head struck the northern town of Khan al-Asal in the province of Aleppo, accusing the rebels of being behind the unprecedented attack.

The TV, meanwhile, ran images from a hospital in the area and interviewed a number of wounded people who described the aftermath of the rocket blast, saying that a kind of white powder has spread after the attack that apparently targeted a military site in the area.

Khan al-Asal town, the southwestern outskirts of northern Aleppo province, has been a scene of intense fighting between the government troops and rebel fighters due to its strategic importance.

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