Cebu News – Cebu City’s P341-million Annual Investment Plan (AIP)

At least P215 million or about 63 percent of Cebu City’s P341-million Annual Investment Plan (AIP) has been set aside for infrastructure development.

The Local Development Fund (LDF) that will finance the AIP stands at P341 million this year, which is at least 20 percent of the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) of Cebu City.

All of Cebu City’s 80 barangays will have P50 million for infrastructure. The 10 biggest barangays in the north and another 10 in the south will get P1 million each as financial assistance.

Aside from that, there is another P80 million for “other barangay projects.”

The single biggest specified allocation in the AIP is P70 million for the improvement of the Carbon Market Building.

Carbon Market is the city’s biggest public market which is visited by at least 40,000 people daily.

The administration of Cebu City Mayor Michal Rama wants to rehabilitate Carbon Market as part of its Downtown Revitalization Project, with the goal of making the downtown area safer for locals and tourists.

Street lighting has an appropriation of P10 million in the AIP, while P5 million was set aside for traffic management.

Another P70 million was appropriated for the entire environmental management and economic program under the AIP.

This includes river management, solid waste management, drainage equipment and garbage trucks.

City Hall will have P5 million for its solid waste management program. Of that, P4 million was set aside for equipment to be used in solid waste management.

The remaining P1 million will be for a materials recovery facility.

At last P10 million was also appropriated for garbage trucks.

Effective April 1, the City Government closed the Inayawan Sanitary Landfill to dumping. All non-biodegradable wastes will now be shredded, while biodegradable waste will be processed as compost at the landfill.

Some P5 million was allocated for river management, including the development of pockets of ecoparks, geodetic survey of rivers, easement projects and clean-up drives. Pocket parks are these with land areas between 3,000 and 6,000 square meters.

Social development projects have an appropriation of P44 million under the AIP.

At least P10 million each was allotted for gender and development, health, peace and order, and financial assistance to non-government and people’s organizations.

There is also P4 million for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund.

Under health development, P6 million will be for the Cebu city Medical center: P5.5 million for a centralized pipe oxygen system and P500,000 for repair of windows and glass partitions.

The City Health Department will also have P4 million: P2.5 million for satellite offices and P1.5 million for computerization of its documentation system.

Development administration has a budget of P12 million.

Under this are leadership and management development activities, with a budget of P6.5 million.

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