Call For Philippine National Unity

It is not surprising that some in the rabid margins of the opposition are spurning the call for a government of national unity. Nevertheless, the more responsible and patriotic elements in the opposition are ready for principled cooperation and critical collaboration with the administration. The unity of political leaders is the last hurdle we must clear before the economy finally takes off.

Let us hope that the opposition will still see the light, and act in the greater interest of the Filipino people.

On the report linking former President Fidel Ramos to a supposed planned coup against President Macapagal-Arroyo, the former President is a patriot and eminent national leader in his own right. These intrigues linking him to coup plots are the work of idlers who have nothing better to do.

The Reformed VAT law would work towards government goals despite the mitigating measures that government has put in place to cushion its impact. The lifeline rates may cause shortfall on projected revenues but it is meant to guarantee that those who have less in life would not be burdened by this new revenue generating measure. Be that as it may, the proceeds of which would be used in reducing the country’s fiscal deficit, health care for the poor, build more classrooms, work for the advancement of the agriculture sector, and creation of more jobs. These would prime up investor confidence and move our economy towards the right phase. (PIA)

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