Bulacan Offer High-tech World-class Surgery

Barely 24 hours after undergoing laparoscopic surgery at the operating room of the Sacred Heart Hospital for hernia here last week, a 38-year old American seaman was on his way to rendezvous with his mothership somewhere in Europe after the attending doctor issued him a “clean bill of health.”

Thanks to the wonders of high-tech medical equipment now available at the Sacred Heart Hospital Diagnostic and Medical Arts Center, patients who needs medical operation for hernia, appendicitis, gall bladder, colon cancer and even tubal ligation, now no longer have to stay long at the recovery room, according to Dr. Deogracias Alberto Reyes, a 42- year old general and laparoscopic surgeon.

“After more than 12 hours, my patient asked me if he could already be released because he has to catch a plane and rendezvous with their company ship so that he can began to work. I asked him how does he feels and he told me that he’s feeling well as if he has only did some sit-ups, “Dr. Reyes said.

Reyes said that in laparoscopic surgery, also known as minimalized invasive surgery, doctors use state-of-the art medical video and computer equipment, which is being inserted at the stomach (umbilical cord section) and once inside, the medical operation can commence.

“In this process, we no longer needs scalpels and the healing period for the patients is shortened or downsized. This way, they don’t have to stay long at the hospital for their recovery period, thus minimizing their bills,” said Reyes, who is also practicing laparoscopic surgery at St. Luke’s and Medical City.

In some cases, Reyes said that doctors also use the Da Vinci medical robotic equipment where the surgeon conducts operation by moving the robot arms, just like playing video games, in operating their patients.

He said that laparoscopic surgery was first introduced in France sometime in 1992.

He said that the Sacred Heart Hospital acquired the medical equipment in 2005 after he studied laparoscopic surgery in Scotland from 2004-2005.

“We are now using it at Sacred Heart Hospital and patients can now avail of it.” Reyes said.

Reyes, who is also medical director of Sacred Heart Hospital, said that the Sacred Heart Hospital Diagnostic and Medical Arts Center also had other new high tech medical equipment like the citi-scan and the new bio merieux mini VIDAS, a multi parametric immunoassay analyzer

This fully automated immunoassay analyzer is a compact model of the VIDAS system fitted with in built computer, keypad, and printer.

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