Brazilians Leave Libya

A ship carrying 148 Brazilian employees of engineering company Queiroz Galvao departed Friday from Libya’s eastern port of Benghazi and headed for Greece, officials said.

The vessel was scheduled to dock at the Greek capital of Athens on Saturday 17 hours after the departure, where the group will be assisted by the Brazilian Embassy to return to homeland, Foreign Ministry officials said in a statement.
The Brazilian government had planned to airlift some of its nationals out of the Libyan port, but the attempt had failed because the airport there was destroyed, it added.

On Thursday, a plane carrying 446 employees of Brazilian engineering company Odebrecht, including 114 Brazilians, flew from the Libyan capital of Tripoli to Malta.

The ministry said there had been about 500 Brazilians living in Libya before the unrest, most of whom working for engineering companies Queiroz Galvao, Andrade Gutierrez and Odebrecht, as well as oil company Petrobras. (PNA/Xinhua)

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