Bitten by Dog? Seek consultation and treatment for rabies

The City Health Office (CHO) in Dumaguete is appealing to the public to seek immediate consultation and treatment for rabies victims.

Sherwin Guivelondo, in-charge of the Animal Bite Center of the CHO, issued the call as he disclosed that the number of patients seeking consultation and treatment for dog bites has increased this year.

Records show that from January 1 to the middle of June, this year, a total of 318 cases of dog bites were reported, compared to only 186 cases for the same period in 2011, to Information Officer Steve Gabriel said in a news release.

Gabriel also quoted Guivelondo as saying that in case of a dog bite, a person should wash the wound with soap and water, contrary to the traditional belief of using vinegar and garlic for the bite wound.

The Provincial Health Office has advised city and baragay officials in Dumaguete to be vigilant and continue its rabies awareness program to prevent the incidence of dog bites from spreading further.

Health officials have also called on dog owners to have their pets vaccinated regularly and keep them either on a leash, in a cage or inside the home or compound instead of letting them stray. Also, dog owners must provide these canines with clean food and decent shelter.

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