Better Managing the Life Cycle of ESAB Cutting Machine

As part of a restructuring effort over the past 18 months, ESAB Cutting Systems announces the development of a new After Market and Inside Sales Group that will focus on helping ESAB customers obtain the maximum value from their investment by better managing the life cycle of their ESAB cutting machine.

To achieve this, ESAB has initiated a number of new programs. The After Market and Inside Sales Group will now proactively contact all plasma customers on a quarterly basis to ensure that their machine is functioning to their specifications. The Group will also oversee ESAB’s new Plasma Partnership Program.

In this program, customers who agree to purchase only ESAB plasma consumables are eligible for a host of services including the “Torch for Life” program, in which torch bodies are guaranteed for the life of the machine; a free annual Plasma Process Evaluation; a Plasma Performance Package with a four-year limited parts warranty; special deals on retrofits and upgrades of the torch, CNC, plasma power source, height control and other components or tools; discounts on parts and service; and discounts on training programs.(

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