Best Wireless Broadband Antenna Design

Demand for bandwidth has been increasing at an unbelievable rate with the availability of extremely smart devices such as the iPhones, Blackberrys, iPads, and Android supported devices. The technology companies and Telecom Operators have been struggling to catch up with this almost unsustainable demand by providing base stations in the 3G, 4G and LTE protocols with the promise of higher bandwidth. Engineers are now talking Ultra LTE ( if that is the term) to deliver even more bandwidth).

Unfortunately, any system’s capability is limited by the weakest link. In this case the weakest link has been the antenna.

To Quote Ericsson’s CEO: ” Biggest challenge in delivering higher bandwidth is the lack of availability of a truly broadband antenna“.

Antenna design has always been governed by the scientific principle ” One Size One Frequency” and “One shape One Frequency“. We challenged our scientists to shift the paradigm and “think outside the box”. As a result of over five years of research and development, we finally landed on a technology that virtually obsoletes the current thinking process.

MCW is proud to announce the introduction of a truly broadband antenna, that is virtually impervious to the frequency band and totally protocol agnostic. Since bandwidth delivered is a function of the frequency bandwidth of the antenna, limitation of the antenna as the controlling valve is now eliminated. – source:

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