Best MobileTMS Smartphone Application for iPhone and Android

Switch Commerce, a leading electronic payment transaction processing company, has released a revolutionary enhancement to its best of breed MobileTMS smartphone application for iPhone and Android. With the addition of voice commands, ATM owners and operators can now perform any terminal management system function by speaking, with no typing required. A video demonstration of MobileTMS voice commands is available on the Switch Commerce website.

After launching MobileTMS as the industry-first mobile terminal management app in 2010, Switch Commerce again leads the payment processing industry by introducing voice commands to manage ATM portfolios. Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) and Independent ATM Deployers (IADs) now have an exceptionally powerful, yet easy-to-use, solution to manage their ATM portfolios. Voice commands allow for simplified ATM management and faster navigation of MobileTMS’ powerful array of management options, plus hands-free operation for ISOs and IADs on the move.

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