Best Defense Against Diseases

By Lady Marie T. dela Torre

The Department of Health (DOH) on Friday advised the public to keep their immune system strong because it is the best defense against diseases.

The DOH’s advisory came about following reports of “unknown respiratory diseases” that killed 61 children in Cambodia.

“If you are afflicted with the disease, don’t expose yourself to avoid spreading the disease. Stay at home and recover because usually it is self limiting or viral. Take a lot of vitamin C whether in tablet or eating fruits to boost your immunity and drink a lot of fluid,” said DOH-Undersecretary Teodoro Herbosa.

Herbosa assured that the agency would be coordinating with the Bureau of Quarrantine to monitor people flying in from Cambodia.

Accordingly, disease starts with high fever, followed by respiratory and or neurological symptoms with rapid deterioration of respiratory functions. Majority of the cases came from southern part of Cambodia, he said.

Herbosa also advised the public to be cautious instead of being alarmed, noting that respiratory disease abound anway, and that “anybody just gets the ordinary cough and cold when he or she rides in bus or an elevator”.

“The key here is good personal hygiene like frequent hand washing, and if you have flu or colds you are advise not to go to school or office so as not to infect others. If you have flu try not to touch your nose and face because it goes to your hand and virus spreads when you touch the door or shake hands with people,” Herbosa said.

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