Best CEO Leadership Style – Ajwani Group as Model

For me a great leader is an enabler and a facilitator.

“My style of leadership is humane,” says Niranjan Ajwani of Ajwani Group. “I try to keep my leadership technique true to nature. If anything is not in harmony with nature and natural processes, it is not sustainable. I use this principle in making decisions in order to sustain happiness for myself and my teammates using our own natural strengths and rhythms to get the best out of our lives and also to sustain it.

Leadership involves a lifelong commitment to self-mastery, to holistic living, and to a life of balance. A leader should not only harmonize his different needs, but also be an enabling and empowering factor in harmonizing the different needs of his teammates so that they enjoy work, play, love, relationships, and spiritual growth so very essential for a sustained joy.

“A great leader is an enabler and a facilitator. In actual practice we build teams with a shared vision and provide them with space, opportunity, and an environment for creativity and growth. We select members for their attitude and train them for their skills. Together we learn, we grow as a team, we create and contribute towards the progress of the enterprise—a cycle which brings workplace and personal satisfaction to each member.

“Leadership well exercised usually produces prestige, promotions, growth, customer satisfaction, business partner and associate satisfaction, stakeholder satisfaction, and win-win situations and smiles for all members of the enterprise.

“To achieve all this, a leader needs to have an integrative holistic global-vision for his enterprise and has to actively promote holistic thinking and humanistic behavior within the enterprise. A good leader inspires his people with a vision of further possibilities. He works to create value for society—transcending conflict with cooperation, and transforming problems into solutions, challenges into opportunities.

“Focus is his ability to have a clear vision or goal and then moving forward to reach that goal, conscious of how the present action or activity or movement relates to it.

“We lay a lot of stress on continual education. Education within the enterprise is a lifelong process. It helps in a progressive understanding of relationships between disciplines and issues. A change in one family member of the system precipitates a change in the whole system.

“In the new millennium we have reorganized our businesses with a strong sense of purpose. The purpose of our business is to produce, offer, or deal in products and services which are useful to society and which promote the concept and practice of joyous and sustainable living, respecting nature and preserving environment. The partners we seek for our business are those who share our sense of purpose. The profits we generate out of our business are for our stockholders, who have invested in our business philosophy, products, projects, practices, and potential.

“When users of our products and services, and our partners in business and our personnel, all share our philosophy and purpose and are satisfied with our performance, business becomes a pleasure, and profits a matter of pride for us.

“The following areas have been identified within the purpose zone of our business, and revolve around the concepts of Joyous Living and Sustainable Development:
Energy efficient, environment friendly products and services
Educational and learning services
House and home products
Information Technology Services

Niranjan concludes, “I am passionate about joyous living and sustainable development.”

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