Beautiful Philippine Butterfly Species

By Aure A. Galacgac

Hundreds of beautiful and attractive visitors have started to visit the various parks of this mountain resort every morning as cooler temperature is felt — butterflies.

One just have a stroll in the parks before the noon day sun to find out the spectacular view of the delicate multi-colored creatures fleeting by, often "kissing" the myriad flowers for their nectar.

The late Mateo Lamsis, one of the prominent first settlers of Mount Santo Tomas once recalled that butterflies from the local highest peak in the southern part of this mountain resort hatched from their cocoon during the late part of October.

Being one of the mountain residents, he recalled that every November, the matured butterflies flew to nowhere in droves.

Unknown to the late old man, the droves of butterflies are wafted in the air like leaves of autumn in various hues —yellow, green, blue, red, crimson, orange, violet, black, purple—and drove towards the various parks of this city, some 250 kilometers north of Manila.

The butterflies’ presence in the parks from early morning towards noon is most noticeable because they fly low especially within the promenades of the lagoon of Burnham Park.

The tree park in front of the Baguio city hall is also one of the favorites of the two-winged creatures that students of the central elementary school are delighted to see these winged insects flying high within the foliage of the Benguet pine trees, eucalyptus, bottle brush and alnus.

How important the butterflies are to the tourism of Baguio is immeasurable.

In the 1970’s, many textile manufacturers from Japan either record the colors of the butterflies through photographs or simply have them in special boxes in order to copy the unique color separation of their wings and bodies.

In recent times, Architect Joseph Alabanza, one of the local civic leaders who designed the logo of the annual Baguio Flower Festival known as "Panagbenga" used the shapes and colors of butterflies.

He too observed that the presence of butterflies in the parks, gardens and farms of Baguio make the place even more hilarious and refreshing.

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