Bataan News – Fishpond Operator Missing

Rescuers on Monday afternoon recovered the body of a fishpond operator who was reported missing for three days after the improvised banca he was riding with his father and four others capsized and sank at the flooded ricefield in Barangay Saba in this town, Saturday afternoon.

Chief Inspector Ferdinand Aguilar, Hermosa police chief, reported that they found the body of Generoso “Jernie” Miguel, 46, of Barangay A. Rivera, Hermosa near fishponds in Barangay Baruya in Lubao, Pampanga at 3:30 p.m.

The recovery of the cadaver was the result of the search and rescue operations conducted since Saturday afternoon by joint elements of the Hermosa police, Philippine Army and barangay officials of Saba and Balsik, all in Hermosa, said Bataan police director Senior Superintendent Arnold Gunnacao.

The 74-year-old Cesar Miguel said from the fishpond they rode the banca made of galvanized iron sheet with four of their workers to go to the poblacion of Saba crossing the swollen ricefield.

While nearing the barangay, one of the passengers jumped out of the banca causing it to jerk and to capsize, Miguel said.

The old man said they swam for their lives in the middle of the flooded ricefield with waters deep as his whole body with stretched hands.

He recounted that he used his small traveling bag wrapped in plastic, temporarily making him afloat.

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