Banning of plastic bags in commercial establishments

The banning of plastic bags in commercial establishments in Sorsogon would be looked into by members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Sorsogon following a proposed ordinance submitted by an environmentalist SP member.

Vladimir Ramon Frivaldo, provincial board member and author of the resolution, said that the province might once and for all put an end to that nagging question on environmental protection: Paper or plastic?

The resolution considers banning plastic bags at groceries, department stores, chain retailers and sari-sari stores because of their potential harm to the environment.

In a press statement Monday, Frivaldo said the ubiquitous plastic bags are blamed for choking birds and fish, floating into trees, rooftops and streets and sticking around years longer than paper.

“My proposed ordinance would force stores in the province to ban thin, single-use plastic bags and allow only sturdy, reusable bags,” he said.

“Others would require stores to recycle plastic bags or charge customers a fee for every bag the customers receive. It’s one smart thing we can do to our environment,” Frivaldo said.

Any establishment found violating the said ordinance shall be penalized: 1st offense – Written notice of warning, 2nd offense – Fine not more than P3,000.00; 3rd offense – Fine of P5,000.00 and temporary suspension of Business Permit for 15 days; 4th offense – Fine of P10,000.00 and Temporary Suspension of Business Permit for thirty days (30 days) at 5th offense – Cancellation of Business Permit and Operation.

Frivaldo said plastic bags are anti-environment materials that clog river channels, causing floods during rainy days.

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