Bangladeshi Kills Ilongga Wife in Iloilo

A disgruntled Bangladeshi husband shot his own wife and mother-in-law in East Baluarte, Molo district, Iloilo City on Thursday morning, police authorities said today.

Dead on the spot from multiple gunshot wounds in the different parts of her body was Ruby Ann Cenato. Her mother Yolanda “Yolly” Cenato, a barangay kagawad in the said barangay, was reported in critical condition at the Iloilo Doctor’s Hospital here.

The 59-year-old suspect Bangladeshi Mohammad Sahir Hussien was also rushed to the Savior International Hospital where he died after he was gunned down by one of the responding cops of the Molo police.

Sr. Inspector Danilo de los Santos, chief of the Molo PNP station, said the bloody incident happened at about 8:30 a.m. on Thursday just after Ruby Ann and her mother Yolly had left their house on their way to the Iloilo Hall of Justice to attend the hearing for the annulment case she filed against her husband Hussien.

But unknown to them, they were being followed by Hussein.

The suspect shot them immediately after alighting rented taxicab.

The taxi driver even heard the victim begging for her life as she tried to shield his mother, but the suspect shot her thrice before he bent his ire on the older woman.

The suspect hastily fled but later caught up by one of the responding policemen. Instead of giving himself up, the Bangladeshi shot police officer Alvin Alcolea, prompting the latter to return fire with his .45 caliber service pistol hitting the suspect on the right breast.

Alcolea said he had no intention to kill the suspect but only to disable him with a shot on the shoulder considering he was armed and dangerous. But unfortunately, he was hit on the right breast that later caused his death while being treated at the Savior International Hospital.

Meanwhile, a long standing grudges between the Bangladeshi and the Cenato family was believed to be the motive behind the bloody Thursday morning incident.

De los Santos said that Ruby Ann was the second wife of Hussien, whom they had two kids who were under the custody of the slain wife. However, the couple had separated years ago.

Ruby Ann filed an annulment case allegedly for the severe beatings she often got from her Bangladeshi husband apart from the knowledge that the latter had also living with another women. source: (PNA) RMA/ajp/VLOrquiola/vlo

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