Baguio City Police Office

The Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) is now getting ready for the re-implementation of the total safety program called “o-plan balik eskuela” for returning students who will start their new school year on June 4.

Police Inspector Virgilio Hidalgo, spokesman of the BCPO, said the program would assure that the students will be insulated against petty criminals and muggers who usually have the pupils as their “soft targets” during the period.

At this time, public schools are about to start enrolling the high school students and to revive the “balik eskuela program” where the community, especially parents, should render civic action work to clean and repair school rooms, campuses, facilities and gardens.

“The police will see to it that we could prevent all forms of criminality especially those affecting children. The welfare of students especially those subjected to hazards on busy roads will have all the assistance they need as they troop back to their classrooms,” Hidalgo added.

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