Baby Health – Nuclear Radiation Effect on Japanese Babies

China Prefecture, east of Tokyo, on Friday advised the public in seven cities against giving infants tap water because radioiodine exceeding the national government-set limit has been detected from water at a jointly used water-purifying facility.

Water at the facility in Nagareyama contained 110 becquerels of iodine-131 per kilogram, against 100 becquerels allowed for infants under the food sanitation law, the prefectural government said.   The Chiba government issued the advise to seven cities to which water is provided from the facility, including Matsudo, Kashiwa and Noda.

It examined water samples collected Wednesday at eight facilities run jointly by municipalities.   On Thursday, the prefectural government advised residents in Matsudo not to use tap water for infants after radioiodine above the safety limit was detected in water at two water treatment facilities in the city. But it lifted the restrictions Friday after its levels fell below the threshold. – Jiji Press

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