Avoid Dengue in Dominican Republic

At least 325 new cases of dengue fever are reported every week in the Dominican Republic recently, the Public Health Ministry said Tuesday.

Public Health Minister Freddy Hidalgo led thousands of volunteers to participate in a national campaign against the disease in a western district of the capital Santo Domingo on Tuesday.

Hidalgo stressed the importance of cleaning the environment to the neighbors in the region, and introduced preventive measures to combat the disease, including fumigating homes, detecting and eliminating sites where water can accumulate and become a breeding ground for the mosquito that transmits the disease.

Dengue fever, an infection transmitted by mosquitos, has symptoms similar to flu, but can be fatal, and particularly affects newborn babies and kids.

Hidalgo said the government does not expect an immediate reduction in the incidence of the disease, because the only way to reduce the figures is the elimination of the breeding grounds, which can only be achieved with the participation of every family.

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