Austrian Arrested by PDEA

Agents from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) struck hard over the weekend, arresting two men, one of them a foreigner allegedly caught red-handed while in possession of 10 grams of Shabu and another 7 grams of cocaine in a raid on a hotel here.

The foreigner, Sommer Werner from Austria was reportedly found by PDEA agents in the act of blowing a pipe used in concomittant with shabu or cocaine in the company of Joseph Jaleco, a resident in this city. Both have denied involvement in forbidden drugs, but Jaleco insisted that the confiscated items belonged to the Austrian.

PDEA and the PNP said pieces of evidence gathered implied that Jaleco “is an influential, high value target” who, in partnership with Werner, may have established a connection with drug syndicates operating in Boracay island. Werner is temporarily living in Boracay.

Boracay is currently teeming with foreign tourists and local vacationists this Holy week, and PDEA said a rise in the demand for illegal drugs in the island resort is strongly anticipated.

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