Australia’s Bondi Beach Public Areas Scribbled with Racist Graffiti’s

Australia’s Bondi Beach public areas scribbled with racist graffiti’s

SYDNEY – One of Australia’s most treasured destination, the Bondi Beach in Sydney was scrawled with a number of racist graffiti’s including 15 swastikas symbols in public areas, local media reported on Thursday.

New South Wales police said the swastika symbols were drawn onto the footpath, bus shelters, poles, benches and electrical boxes in surrounding areas near the iconic beach.

One of the graffiti read “not white, not right.”

NSW police superintendent Jason Box said they were taking the drawings seriously.

“The NSW Police Force takes crimes that are motivated by hatred or prejudice very seriously and any such crimes will not be tolerated,” Box said.

“If you are a witness or victim, and you experience any incidents such as this, we encourage you to report to police as soon as possible.” (PNA/Xinhua)

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