Australians Slow Down Using Facebook

Young Australians are pausing their busy online lives to take time out to read a book, go to a dinner party, catch a movie or visit an art gallery, according to a new survey released on Monday.

The study, Urban Market Research (UMR), showed that the 4 million Australians aged between 16 and 30 are trying to balance the demands on their lives by turning to more simple pleasures.

However, Youth specialist media and communications company Lifelounge Group, in conjunction with Sweeney Research, have found in their study that social network, Facebook, remains the number one site among young people with almost half of them (47 percent) spending at least five hours each week online.

According to Lifelounge chief executive Dion Appel, today’s youth are starting to experience digital overload, and thus they are starting to experience digital overload.

“Pressing pause is not about switching off,” Appel told Australia Associated Press on Monday.

“It’s about temporarily alleviating the pressure. The youth market has become a generation of digital multi-taskers and they’ re starting to experience digital overload.”

Reading a book was the most popular offline pleasure, with 56 percent of youth spending at least an hour each week with a good novel.

Dinner parties, the movies, art galleries and the theater are also core elements for socializing.

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