Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers seize more than 300 kg. of illegal drugs

Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers seized more than 300 kg. of illicit drugs and 430 weapons at the nation’s airports in 2016, Justice Minister Michael Keenan said Tuesday.

In a release to the media, Keenan said the haul was the biggest in four years.

“Sydney and Melbourne, as the country’s busiest airports, accounted for the majority of the drug seizures.”

“Stimulants, such as ice, amphetamines and ecstasy, continue to be the most commonly seized drugs. Cocaine was the second most common drug seized, followed by sedatives, opiates and cannabis,” he said.

“For the first time in the past four years, more than a million dollars was seized at our airports in 2016, far exceeding the past four years cash seizures combined.”

Keenan said it was the AFP’s K9 units that were critical in stopping hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of illegal cash from hitting the street.

“These statistics show that our multi-pronged approach to securing our borders is working. Keeping illicit drugs and weapons off our streets is one of my highest priorities as the Minister for Justice,” he added. (PNA/Xinhua)

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