Atty Ricardo Amores Fights for a Kenywan Woman

A Cebu lawyer said they are ready to present three witnesses, including a relative and a hostile witness, to help defend a Kenyan national jailed in Cebu for allegedly carrying three kilos of shabu inside the country.

Lawyer Ricardo Amores, who represents Asha Atieno Oguto, said their three witnesses will not only determine his client’s innocence, but also help prove that the 24-year-old Kenyan national is financially able and had no need to sell illegal drugs inside the country.

Oguto, expressed disappointment that the Kenyan Embassy failed to provide her with a lawyer or any type of assistance in the case.

Amores said that based on his interviews with the Kenyan national, he found out that she owns a clothing and fashion accessories business back in her home country.

”Her reasons in visiting Cebu were not only to take a vacation but also to establish business partners here,” Amores said.

Amores said they maintained their stand that Oguto had no knowledge that her bag contained shabu, as the Kenyan had told him that she had been transferring planes from her home country to Cebu.

Oguto had transferring flights from Kenya, Benin, Lomi in Nigeria, Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, to Dubai, then to Doha in Qatar, then to Cebu.

During the first four flights, Oguto had been carrying her brown stroller. But upon arriving in Dubai, where she was about to take a connecting flight to Doha, her stoller was not marked as hand carried, Amores said.

Amores added that during her flights to Cebu, Oguto had stayed for two to three hours in each airport.

Amores also said he had told Oguto that she had a right to find another lawyer to help her in her case, but she opted to choose him as her legal counsel.

He said that since Oguto had no knowledge of Philippine laws, he had asked her to attend every hearing so she can understand more of her case.

Amores reiterated that his service to Oguto will be pro bono or without fee.

Oguto, said she is stressed out by the incidents that had occurred to her over the last few days.

via Philippines News Agency.

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