ATM of Mizuho Bank in Japan Suspended 3 Days

Mizuho Bank said Friday it will suspend all its automated teller machines in Japan on a three-day weekend due to a continued system glitch.

The unit of Mizuho Financial Group Inc. <8411> has yet to be able to fix the glitch, which caused all its ATMs to stop working Thursday morning and again later in the day.

Services including cash withdrawals and deposits are unavailable at its ATMs. The bank’s cash cards cannot be used at ATMs at partner banks or convenience shops either.

The trouble affects 620,000 salary remittances scheduled for Friday. Corporate clients cannot make remittances for settlements even at its outlets or over the Internet.

The bank, which suffered a system failure for the fourth day, cannot handle about 500,000 transactions left unprocessed since the glitch first hit the bank.

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