Associate Justice Vacancy in Philippine Supreme Court

In view of the upcoming vacancies for Associate Justice at the Supreme Court of the Philippines, the Citizens’ Search Committee for the Supreme Court (CSCSC) is open to receiving nominations from civil society, academic institutions, business, professional or non-governmental organizations, for the Associate Justice position.

After a proper screening process, all candidates that are determined by the Committee to be fit and qualified, will be endorsed to the Judicial and Bar Council for the Associate Justice position and their documents submitted to the same.

This process will not substitute for the JBC screening process. It is being undertaken by private individuals that have come together to form the CSCSC in order to widen and deepen the search for qualified nominees for the Supreme Court.

The 1987 Philippine Constitution requires that the candidate for Associate Justice must be a natural born citizen of the Philippines, at least 40 years of age at the time of his/her appointment, must have been a judge of a lower court or engaged in the practice of law in the Philippines for at least 15 years and of proven competence integrity, probity and independence.

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