Argentina Mad at Britain Over Island Ownership

Argentina blasted Britain on Tuesday for its leader’s recent remarks marking the 30th anniversary of a war over a chain of disputed islands, saying the British side was glorifying colonialism.

“The Argentine Foreign Ministry condemns the remarks of British Prime Minister David Cameron, in which he vindicates war…and shows persistent glorification of colonialism,” Argentina’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Cameron said on Monday that Argentina “committed an aggressive act” in 1982 when its troops invaded the Falklands, known as the Malvinas Islands in Argentina, a remote archipelago in the South Atlantic occupied by Britain since 1833.

Speaking at celebrations marking the war, Cameron hailed “the heroism of the British forces that freed the islands. We are rightly proud of Britain’s role in righting a profound wrong. The Falklands’ people can be proud of the stable and promising future they have built since 1982.”

“To use the Prime Minister’s own words, ‘a profound wrong’ is precisely to persist in colonialism,” Argentina’s Foreign Ministry countered, saying Britain had profited from the “military and cultural subjugation and exploitation of other people’s natural resources.”

In a clear reference to the disputed islands, Argentina’s Foreign Ministry went on to say that “another profound wrong is to continue ignoring the territorial integrity of a sovereign country.”

To correct this ” profound wrong,” it added, it is necessary to “put an end to the last colonial enclaves” that still remain in the 21st century.

The Argentine Foreign Ministry also condemned what it said was Britain’s persistent refusal to heed United Nations resolutions regarding the Malvinas Islands and its militarization of the South Atlantic region.

“Democracies like Argentina praise peace, negotiation, international law and diplomacy” and prefer dialogue to conflict, said the statement.

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