Arched Canopy Assembly – Retractable Sunshade Systems

SureShade, the designer and manufacturer of retractable sunshade systems for the marine industry, announces final acceptance of a U.S. patent for their arched roller canvas design, or “arched canopy assembly”, on a boat. The newly patented arched roller component is offered exclusively on the automated retractable sunshade system by SureShade and is the latest in a series of marine sunshade patents earned by the company.

Designed to accommodate the unique curves of a boat, the arched roller component serves as part of the self-supported retractable sunshade system by SureShade. The curvature of the arched roller system complements the curves of a boat’s overhead structure – such as a radar arch or hardtop – enhancing boat aesthetics and acting as a natural extension of the boat design. In addition to providing retractable shade in a cockpit for sun protection, the arched roller assembly is designed to allow for optimal rain runoff during bad weather and can be used with a full canvas enclosure.

The arched roller design is quickly becoming a must-have option for top boat manufacturers seeking innovative sunshade solutions that add style and appeal to their existing boat designs. MasterCraft was one of the first brands to showcase the new arched roller sunshade at the 2010 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and the 2011 Miami International Boat Show as an option on their MasterCraft 300 pleasure cruiser. (

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