Aquino Reforms in government to transform the Philippines

President Benigno S. Aquino III has vowed to “accelerate” the implementation of reforms in government to transform the Philippines as a land brimming with opportunities and hope, in which all Filipinos may partake of to build their dreams and achieve their ambitions without having to look towards greener pastures.

The President gave this promise during his speech at the state dinner held in his honor by Lieutenant General Jerry Mateparae and Lady Janine Mateparae at the Government House in Wellington, New Zealand on Tuesday.

He said his two-day State Visit to New Zealand from Oct. 22 to 23, where he met with the Filipino community there, had made him fully understand why many Filipinos, despite being familial in nature, choose to uproot themselves and their families to work and eventually live in another country.

“It takes substantial courage and emotional fortitude to uproot oneself — to move away from kin, and start anew in an unfamiliar land…But in my two days here, I am somehow made to understand the reason for their leavetaking. I have witnessed the better life that my countrymen are enjoying here, borne of opportunities they would no doubt have been deprived of, had they chosen to stay in the Philippines of the past,” the President said.

“This understanding propels me to further accelerate the transformation we are now experiencing in our country,” he added.

He said that among the reforms he plans to implement is to provide opportunities for all Filipinos to live stable and prosperous lives.

“Time and again, I have witnessed the decent, dignified lives of my countrymen who live abroad and that is why I have refocused government to what truly matters: Opening doors of opportunity for my people, working towards stability and prosperity, and ensuring that the growth we are experiencing is just and equitable and all inclusive,” the President said.

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