Antonio Margarito to Freddie Roach: “I’m Sorry”

Antonio Margarito apologized Thursday to legendary trainer Freddie Roach for an Internet video that appears to show him mocking the Parkinson’s disease sufferer.

The video further damaged the Mexican boxer’s image and touched off a feud between Manny Pacquiao’s camp and Margarito and his trainer Robert Garcia.

“I know people are suffering with that disease so I would never make fun of them,” Margarito said Thursday at a Dallas-area hotel.

“I apologize for what happened. One day, I was training in the gym and this guy with a video camera came up to me and told me that Freddie Roach said I was going to get knocked out. I just shook my hands and said: ‘Wooh, I am really scared now.’

“So for Freddie Roach, if he will accept my apologies, and everyone with that disease because I want to tell you I would never, never make fun of anyone with that disease.”

Margarito, who will be fighting for the first time in the USA since serving a one-year ban for using plaster in his gloves, will face Filipino superstar Pacquiao in a WBC super welterweight title fight Saturday (Sunday in Manila) at Cowboys Stadium.

The video, which was shot several weeks ago and appeared earlier this week on YouTube, shows Margarito’s camp making fun of Roach, who trains Pacquiao.

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