Anti-nuclear Forum: Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

A group of anti-nuclear power activists and a smaller number of nuke supporters conducted rallies some meters apart as delegates of the Nuclear Power Forum arrived Saturday at the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) in Napot Pt. in this town.

The anti-nuke protesters belong to the Nuclear Free Bataan Movement-Network (NFBM-Net).

The protesters waved green-colored flaglets and unfurled big streamers like “Lansagin ang Plantang Nukleyar.” They also displayed a giant padlock “to proclaim that the Philippines is a nuke-free zone and investors are advised to keep out.”

Fr. Fernando Loreto, Morong chapter chairman of NFBM-Net, cited two major reasons why they oppose the activation of the BNPP –- geological reason that the plant sits over a volcano and its construction was marred by corruption with use of alleged substandard materials.

Loreto said they will continue opposing the nuclear power plant.

The priest said that Bataenos have made it clear that BNPP is a no-no and their protest action showed their “unwelcome greeting” to the delegates touring the nuclear power plant.

Near the BNPP gate, on the other hand, stood some pro-nuke supporters carrying some posters saying they are in favor of the activation of BNPP.

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