Annulment of Marriage in Philippines

Manuel came to Manila and married Marianne. Unknown to Marianne,
Manuel had been previously convicted in Palawan of theft and served time for it.
After Marianne learned of his previous conviction, she stopped living with him.
Can Marianne seek the annulment of the marriage based on Manuel’s non-disclosure of his previous crime?

A. No, since the assumption is that marriage forgives all past wrongs.
B. Yes, since the non-disclosure of that crime is the equivalent of fraud, which is a ground for annulment.
C. No, in case of doubt, the law must be construed to preserve the institution of marriage.
D. No, since Manuel already served the penalty for his crime.

Philippine Bar Exam Review on Civil Law. Answer is letter B. You may also see the philippine bar examination results 2012.

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