Americans Spending Less Time on Vacation and Leisure

“The statistics about American leisure time aren’t encouraging. Workers in the United States have some of the lowest vacation benefits of any industrialized nation. Whereas time off for vacations is guaranteed in countries such as France and Finland, U.S. employers aren’t even required to offer paid vacations time. More studies show the increasing number of workers who have paid vacation time and don’t use it.

On average, employed adults in the United States leave three to six unused vacation days on the table a year. Researchers and psychologists believe this is the symptom of a deeper issue: An increasing struggle to achieve a balanced between work and home, between fostering one’s career and nurturing the self. A large percentage of people are nurturing a family as well, for these people this balance becomes an even greater struggle. Over the years the importance of vacation and leisure time has become more apparent.

A compelling study carried out by the families and work institute, Titled “Over worked in America: When the way we work become too much” explains how being overworked with lack of vacation and leisure can breed stress and imbalance. “For a significant number of Americans, the way we work today appears to be negatively affecting our health and effectiveness at work and home”.

What will it take to change this? Gateway Getaways President and Co-CEO, Demour Welch, Jr, believe they have found a way. He says, “We are trying to change lives for the better at Gateway Getaways. We are offering an opportunity for people and families to be apart of a travel club that allows them to save money and change their lifestyle, not only on vacations and traveling, but in everyday life as well”.

He believes they may have an answer to this lifestyle imbalance. Mr. Welch say’s “More time spent at home with the family, more time spent with your significant other and more time spent with yourself, those are the objectives. We all want to work hard, but in today’s ever changing world and fluctuating economy, working smart will allow you as much leisure vacation time as you desire.” (

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