Alabama Unemployment: Decline of Alabama Unemployment

What is the sign that an economy is moving in the right direction? One sign is when the unemployment rate is slashed down. Such is the experience in Alabama. Alabama Unemployment rate is going down, now standing at 8.9 percent, according to some statistics.

The alabama unemployment decline could have been brought by the arrival of the Christmas season which triggers a buying frenzy. When people buy a lot of goods, manufacturers are likely to hire more workers to make those goods that sold fast. When people don’t buy, people lose jobs because companies are likely to cut cost.

I hope that the unemployment decrease in Alabama would be duplicated in other states. All over America, there has been a continued decline of people getting jobs. Pres. Barack Obama’s leadership has to bring about significant changes in economy. Alabama unemployment is not the only gauge to be considered whether the U.S. economy is going in the right direction.

Because if decline of Alabama Unemployment is not taking place in other states, it might as well be safe to say that the U.S. economy is still on a stalemate.

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