Airport Screening for Nuclear Radiation Contamination

Passengers coming from Japan should undergo screen radiation as part of precautionary measures against nuclear radiation from the said country.

Dr. Wenceslao Llauderes of the Philippine Society of Nuclear Medicine said this, noting that radiation is like a virus that “we cannot smell, taste” so it is advised that they be screened by “radiation meter” at the airport.

Llauderes said this should be done similar to government preparations on A(H1N1) virus, SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) screening, among others.

He was speaking during the Health Forum Tuesday, dubbed “Armed & Forwarned: Bringing Nuclear Dust Home to Health” at Anabel’s Quezon City.

Dr. Llauderes said, depending on the extent of the radiation detected in normal process, people with radiation are advised to remove clothes and take showers while others detected are isolated for eight days until the radiation from the body is released through his urine or perspiration.

However, Eulinia Valdezco, Philippine Nuclear Research Institute consultant, told the forum that there is no need to issue such order for Filipinos coming home from Japan.

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