Advertising Tip – Create Positive Branding

Everywhere one looks these days, some form of advertising can be seen. Whether on a billboard, on the radio, television or when surfing the net, one can’t help but notice the barrage of ads they are exposed to each day.

This inevitably leads to consumer frustration thereby creating resentment toward advertising in general. This totally defeats the purpose of advertising, where an advertiser is looking to create positive branding and ultimately attract the consumer to their product or service.

In recognition of this serious flaw, three entrepreneurs have created MoneyMail, an innovative system that strives to bring together advertisers and consumers in a mutually-beneficial community.

How many people know that they are exposed to over 100,000 ads per year? That averages to about 2000 ads per week, a dizzying figure. This translates to any where from 100 – 400 billion dollars (depending on the source) spent per year on advertising in the US alone.

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