Actual income of lawyers and doctors

The Bureau of Internal Revenue here(BIR) will be strictly evaluating the actual income of lawyers and doctors in the province to further boost the collection of their taxes.

BIR district officer Lawyer Ma. Isabel Utit said the move will be made due to the low payment of these sectors when it comes to taxes.

“Doctors and lawyers in our province are paying taxes equivalent to rank and file employees of national and local government units. Expectedly, it should be higher,” she said.

Income tax due of doctors and lawyers, Utit added should not be less than P200,000.00 yearly .

Utit said they will be closely monitoring the compliance of professional and self-employed individuals in the province which comprise a portion of the 40 percent income tax collection target this year.

She said they will also conduct tax surveillance operations and activities on potential taxable properties and activities in the province to ensure the compliance of all sectors on tax laws.

“We are looking on the actual income of doctors and lawyers on private practice, particularly the data on their PhilHealth, hospital records and clinics for doctors, we also have basis for lawyers. In this way, we can check those who are engaging in private practice and has not yet been listed in the BIR,” Utit said.

She,however,underscored the BIR is now in need of more revenue agents particularly revenue collection officers to address the imminent influx of more taxpayers in their main office and satellite offices.

“We are only 30 in our office. A collection agent is handling at least two LGUs. So right now, we are in the process of scouting and hiring of competent additional personnel such as lawyers, Certified Public Accountants(CPAs), CPA-lawyers and accounting graduates,” Utit added.

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