Academe coordinated with local IT companies

Several universities in Cebu have started to specialize in specific areas of information technology to meet the demands of local companies, a Cebu Educational Development of Information Technology Inc. (CEDF-IT) official said.

CEDF-IT president Greg Gabison said members of the academe coordinated with local IT companies to address problems on manpower supply in the fast-growing industry.

He said the academe was not only looking at providing the IT industry with a talent pool but with highly-qualified graduates for companies that had specialization.

”No doubt Cebuano graduates match the job requirement of the industry, however, the challenge now is the increasing variety of requirements,” said Gabison.

Gabison is also the dean of the College of Information, Computer and Communications Technology (CICCT) of the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJR) in Cebu City.

Gabison said the manpower supply was a “never-ending problem” in the industry, saying that as technology improves, the gap between academe and industry also widens.

”Industries now are king of platform-specific,” he said.

To meet this demand, he said, several colleges in Cebu were also offering platform-specific courses.

He said USJR focused more on mobile development using the Android platform; Cebu Institute of Technology-University and the University of the Philippines-Cebu have focused on natural processing language; while the University of Cebu focused more on networking and technical support.

Gabison said IT graduates from these schools are easily absorbed by companies with such specializations.

It would also be easier for companies to look into which universities they’d be getting manpower depending on specific functions.

Gabison said Cebu had been turning out 2,000 to 3,000 IT graduates annually in the last eight years, with employability rate of 75 percent.

Manpower supply shortage is one of the key problems besetting the industry and threatening to derail its growth.

CEDF-IT has pledged to strengthen its programs to address manpower needs of IT companies.

CEDF-IT recently announced it would get part of the P500-million stimulus fund committed by the Aquino government to facilitate “near-hire” training programs of IT-BPO companies.

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