Abu Sayyaf Member Slain in Basilan, Philippines

A member of the Abu Sayyaf Group was killed while two others were wounded in a firefight with Army units in Sitio Bato, Barangay Mebak, Sumisip, Basilan before dawn Sunday.

Capt. Alberto Caber, 1st Infantry Division spokesperson, said Ranger and Special Forces units attached to them were patrolling in the area when they encountered an undetermined number of ASG men at around 1:30 a.m.

In the ensuing firefight, ASG member Mohammad Aliman, reportedly the first cousin of Commander Juhair Aliman, was killed.

Those wounded were identified as Kirum Tampuri and Kursi Umangkat based on the information provided by friendly civilians in the area, Caber said.

He added that the ASG brigands quickly fled, taking with them their dead and wounded after Army troopers requested artillery fire from a nearby fire support base.

Pursuit operations are still ongoing.

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