A breakthrough in hotel TV controls

Crave Interactive, the world leading developer of cloud-based digital guest service solutions for hotels, today announced a breakthrough in hotel TV controls with the combination of a stunning new software interface and built in infrared in its bespoke tablets, allowing guests to browse and select channels on any brand of hotel TV in a slick and informative manner.

This innovation is a world first and is unique to Crave’s digital guest service platform. Not only does the user-friendly interface enhance the guest experience, it solves problems hoteliers face in maintaining traditional remotes, with battery replacements, losses and unhygienic hard switches.

Crave TV Control integration has previously been included with a larger full room control system offered by high-end hotels, and used by more than two-thirds of all guests. By adding TV Controls directly in it’s in-room tablet solution, Crave now brings this widely appreciated feature to the entire hotel market at no additional cost.

“We are always looking to innovate at Crave with both our software and hardware.” commented Crave Founder and CEO Gareth Hughes, “Crave was the first company to build tablets and docks specifically for hotel bedrooms. Once we saw how many people preferred to use the Crave tablet over the remote, adding infrared to our bespoke tablets was an easy decision.”

About Crave Interactive:
Crave Interactive is a world leading developer of cloud-based solutions for hotels that provide digital guest services, including food ordering, digital concierge, entertainment and automation via proprietary in-room tablets. Crave clients range from Iceland to Tasmania, from 25 to 4,000 rooms, and from luxury to limited service hotels.
Contact: info(at)crave-emenu(dot)com
Web: http://www.crave-emenu.com
Video: http://bit.ly/craveoverview

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