51 Trade Unionists Killed in Colombia in 2010

A total of 51 trade unionists were killed in 2011 in Colombia and seven are missing, an increase in the last two years, the “Escuela Nacional Sindical” (ENS) said Thursday.

The 51 victims were added to the 2,857 labor leaders killed in Colombia over the past 25 years, making Colombia “the most dangerous country in the world for union activity,” an ENS statement said.

The statement said that of the 51 victims, about 29 were teachers.

“Since August last year, in the first six months of the current government (of President Juan Manuel Santos), 20 trade unionists were killed, three were missing and seven suffered attacks,” the ENS said.

The ENS was concerned that most of those responsible for the crimes have not been put to justice.

The organization also said that four trade unionists have been killed so far in 2011, which shows that violence against workers’ associations remains rampant.

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