2D Puzzle Game CandySwipe in Google Android

Game developer Runsome Apps announced today that their release of the completely new 2D puzzle game “CandySwipe” available in Google’s Android Market for Android based phones and mobile devices is a success.

Since its quiet release 3 months ago, and without formal advertising, CandySwipe has been downloaded over 150,000 times and played over 2 million times. Along with those numbers comes a strong 4+ star rating in the Android Market for both the free and paid variations of the game. CandySwipe is starting to develop a large following of casual gamers who leave comments in the Android Market stating things like, “Addicting”, “My favorite game!”, “I love it”, there is even a comment, “One of my favs. It’s the ‘new’ Bejeweled :)”.

CandySwipe is generating its growing revenue by placing ads in its free variation “CandySwipe FREE“, as well as offering a “Paid” version with more levels and zero ads.(Prweb)

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